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• 10/3/2018
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• 6/2/2018

Did I just make a vampire bunny? I'm confused.

I bred my Cactus and Prairie bunnies together and it took them 16 hours to breed (they are currently still breeding). I searched the wiki and the only 16-hour bunny I could find was the Vampire Bunny, but that event is over. What could they have hatched? I'm confused, and I didn't check the possibilities thoroughly. Can anybody help me, or am I just being silly and not searching far enough?
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• 1/5/2018

[Suggestion] Automatically lock old blogs after X amount of days?

Hello TTW community. I am proposing that blog posts should be locked after X amount of days. I know that the wiki currently has very few blog posts, but it may be a helpful feature to add later on. Commenting on old/inactive blog posts is not recommended, as the author of the blog would probrably never check it. I find that it is better to leave a message on the blog author's wall for further clarifications/comments. Please leave your thoughts down below, as well as the number of days passed to lock a blog post.

edit - you may learn more about this as well as the JavaScript to implement this here: http://dev.wikia.com/wiki/LockOldBlogs
LockOldBlogs FANDOM Open Source Library
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• 12/30/2017

[Discussion] 10,000 edits!

Hello, TTW community. Today, I have a special announcement to make. December 30, 2017, at 3:20 UTC, the wiki hit a huge milestone. We have reached 10,000 edits! The 10,000th edit was performed by [[User:MonsterLegendsKing]]. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this wiki since day one to help us reach this milestone. The wiki has been getting better and better since then. My next objective is 50,000 edits. I know that it won't be reached for a long time, but I am still confident that we will reach it one day. Thank you for reading this message.

– MonsterLegendsKing
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• 12/28/2017

[Suggestion] Bring back old forums?

Hello TTW community. It has been a while since my last edit (and visit) to the Tunnel Town Wiki. However, I have something important that we should talk about. I want to bring back the old forums. I find that the new forums are way too complicated to use and lacks lots of features that the old forum has had, such as: thread highlighting (now it is very hard to notify the community of a special announcement), use of wikitext (the way the new forum works has generated lots of controversy with the Wikia community), seperate sections for threads (now the threads are all mixed together in one big page, and are completely unorganized), are no longer "connected" to the main wiki (the new forum looks like a completely different page), and looks even worse than the old forum. I know some wikis that kept their old forum, such as Community Central and the AJ Wiki. Although it clearly says on Help:Discussions on Community Central that discussions will work IF ENABLED ("If Discussions is enabled for a community, it can be found by adding /d directly after the domain name."), I don't see any button to turn them off, even in Special:WikiFeatures. Wikia is NOT a social media site, and ever since Wikia changed to FanDOOM, the staff started slowly to change things in the wiki and make it look more like a social media site, such as changing wikia.com to make it look more "social" related than wiki related. Please leave your opinions on this subject down below and weather or not we should bring back the old forums. Thank you.
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Admin_and_Moderator_Tools_in_Discussions

Have fun!
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• 3/20/2017


This is the official Q&A Megathread of the Tunnel Town Wiki. Before asking a question, please read through this megathread to see if your question has been answerd. We will continue to update this Megathread every time when a new frequently asked question arises.
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• 3/15/2017

[Question] How should we block users?

We still don't have a blocking policy yet. I would like to hear your opinions on forming a blocking policy. Thanks. I will create the blocking policy after we have came to a conclusion.
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• 3/14/2017

[Meta] Should we delete/close/move all old forum threads created before we adopted the wiki?

Hello TTW community. There are several old forum threads on our forum. Many of those threads don't belong in the appropriate board, others posting off-topic threads not on the "Fun" board. I think that either should we delete, close, or move those threads? Keep them as-is? I would like to hear your opinions.
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• 3/14/2017

[Meta] Should we delete all FAQs and Tips pages and move them to a FAQ megathread on the forum?

Hello TTW community. As you may know, there are several pages on the wiki that are FAQs and Tips. I would like to delete all those pages and move them to a FAQ megathread on the Q&A forum board. Those pages are unecessary. Any supporters?
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• 3/7/2017

[Tool] Burrow Digging Graph

So I made a table type thing to plan out your Tunnel Town burrow. All the information about it is in the document. Hope it's helpful!
(( CLICK ))
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• 3/1/2017

[Discussion] How should we attract more users to the community?

Hello all. As you may know, our number of active users is dropping. In December, we were 5, now, 2. Although we did affiliate with the AJ wiki, this is clearly not attracting many users, from my point of view. The key to a successful community is to have many active users. The reason that we blocked IPs is that because 75% of their "edits" are comments, many spam or off subject ones. It just makes it harder to manage the wikis with IPs. Any suggestions for more active users?
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• 2/27/2017

[Discussion] Breeding Guide

WARNING: The follow message you are about to read is very long and doesn't make sense. Brace yourself.
Alright so I won't get extremely philosophical but the Breeding Guide is what makes this wiki necessary more than anything else in most people's opinion.
This page is at the heart of this wiki and I think you and I would both agree that it needs help.
Edit: I have no idea why I just typed what I just typed but I'm way too lazy to delete the damn thing so whatever.
I've been designing and shattering ideas in my smol bunny mind to make the page as useful and as user-friendly as possible and I've come up with something, though I don't think it's the best that it can be, but I'm an impatient rabbit.
Alright so the first thing is, what are the variables one needs to consider when breeding:

placement of bunny (left/right) on dance floor
bunny v1/v2 (colour)
bunny's level
user level
Ok so automatically, I'm thinking table. A table would allow us to hit the placement of bunny variable right in the eye. The first column could indicate bunnies placed on the left and the first row could indicate bunnies placed on the right.
The colour of the bunnies are important, so creating links with the name of the bunny won't be able to describe the bunnies colour unless if we were to say something like "(dark/light)". I think this is a tad unprofessional so I came up with the idea of templates (infoicons). We can make separate templates for each of the bunnies and if one were to click the image, it would direct the user to the bunny's page. These are also super easy to make because I've almost finished creating all the transparent pictures for all the bunnies on the Bunnies page. Woop woop! I realise that this means we'll probably end up with approximately 120 bunny templates but... *cute face* no one can resist the power of the cute bunny with glasses
The last thing I thought about was breeding outcomes. Someone has already uploaded many pictures which show the "Possible Babies". We could insert each of these pics into the corresponding cells :D The only problem with this though, is the fact that one won't be able to efficiently direct themselves to those bunny's (the bunnies as a baby option's) page (via links). I haven't come up with a sustainable solution for this :( However, we can add both the pictures which represent both music options into one cell which helps hit another variable :D
With regards to the other 2 variables (user/bunny level), I'm not entirely sure if this has an effect to the possible babies so I haven't thought about it too much.

The table will take a crap ton of space.
We'll have a load of template pages.

Yea... but it's the best idea I've got ok...
Pfft loads of wiki's have a bunch of template pages *looks down*
Please hit me with your opinion. Thanks chu!
Note: I realise I sound up myself. Ignore that.
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• 2/18/2017

[CLOSED] Bunnies Page (2)

For the previous discussion see here.
Alright so if you lookie here you can see the differences between my and Xyvier's edit. (See here for my edit)
It has been sorted into 'type' and while I must say this does look a tad neater than the previous version, it's not as useful imho?

Bunnies were sorted into the exact same order that's in McFluffin's Market.
Bunnies can be sorted into alphanumeric order.
Bunnies can be sorted into price order.
Bunnies can be sorted into types.
Bunnies can be sorted into 'breedable'

Takes more space/larger size (1084b bigger).
Probably less orderly looking.

Please feel free to throw in your opinion, all is appreciated. Thank you.
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• 3/8/2017

[CLOSED] Changing comment policy?

Hello TTW community. As you may know, comments are the thing that are causing the most problems on the wiki. Here are some things that I think should be added to the comment policy. Anyone agree?

Comments on bunnies pages should only be used to discuss breeding combinations. Not what you named your bunny, nor should be used to discuss problems with the page (please contact a staff member and we will work from there, as it is hard for the staff members to supervise comments 24/7.)
No spam, rude or inappropriate commenting of any kind is allowed.
When replying to someone else's comment or posting new ones, please stay on subject.
No advertising yourself in any way.
Try not to repost comments that are already posted by someone else, or a previously deleted comment.
Try to avoid posting low-effort comments.
Try to not make any spelling errors.
Try to avoid responding to question comments that already got a response, unless it is still waiting for a response or if the answer is incorrect.
When adding images to comments, make sure that the image is appropriate, related to the subject of the page (or if replying, related to the subject or the comment that you are replying to) and clear.
These also apply on forum post replies and blog post comments. If you encounter a comment that violates these rules, please contact a staff member.
Any supporters? This topic will close in 1 week.
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• 2/2/2017

[Suggestion] Customized mobile main page?

Anyone up for customizing the mobile main page? Now, it looks really messy (go look) and unorganized. Since more than 60% of Wikia's visitors (I will never call it Fandoom) are viewing Wikia on mobile, I think that it would be important to have a organized mobile main page.
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• 2/3/2017

[CLOSED] Bunnies Page

Howdy o/
So I was looking at the Bunnies page and I noticed that we've separated the bunnies into they're "type" categories. This is nice, however, I think that this table should go into the specific type category and that we should have something like this (see below) on the page instead. I don't think that the "in game description" is necessary on that page for the following reasons; it'll become a really big page and it would probably be better in they're "type" page.
Please give me feedback, all is appreciated. Thx :)

[insert icon(s)]
Autumn Bunny
[insert Autumn Icon]
[insert icon(s)]
Angler Bunny


Bee Bunny

[insert icon(s)]
Beetle Bunny

[insert icon(s)]
Bunny of Paradise

[insert icon(s)]
Butterfly Bunny

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• 2/2/2017

[CLOSED] Anyone Up for Icons?

Yo o/
So Jammer's idea for adding in 'icons' onto the Bunnies page is great imho, but...
I was wondering if we should use the 'store' images or if we should use a transparent icon of the bunny only.
I can make said icons fairly quickly/easily (see example):

250px Yea, so there is a little brown border that I'm incapable too lazy to get rid of but tell me what you think. Thx.
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• 3/17/2017

[CLOSED] How should we customize achievements?

Achievements can be customized. The AJ wiki already customized their achievements, but not us. I want to customize the achievements to make them resemble TT things. Any suggestions how it should be done?
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• 1/26/2017

[Meta] Applications (RfRs) for custodian now open.

We are looking for more staff members. You may now apply to become a custodian on the TT wiki, here. You must meet the requirements, which are similar to those on the AJ wiki. Custodians are trusted members selected by the community, who have access to Content Moderator rights.

At least 3 months of editing (here or on the AJ wiki.)
You have never been blocked (joke blocks, unintended blocks and minor blocks don't count)
At least 500 mainspace edits (here or on the AJ wiki)
Helpful and nice towards other users.
Conributed to the wiki at least 5 days in a row (here or on the AJ wiki)
At least 350 achievement points (here or on the AJ wiki)
For a RfR to pass, the user must meet the requirements listed above and have 75% of users supporting, with a minimum of 4 votes. RfRs usually stay open for 1 week, but if there are insufficient votes, it will remain open for another week. If there are still insufficient votes after 2 weeks, it is important to know that the RfR will not stay open for a third week. Instead, the results will be as-is when the 2 weeks have passed.
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