How to start digging

Digging is what Tunnel Town is all about!  Start by tapping the Dig icon; it’s the square icon on the right side of the game screen with a pick and shovel on it.  A menu box will appear; tap the Dig button there, and you’ll see a grid overlay appear over the layers of dirt and rock below the ground.  Tap the squares you want your bunnies to dig out.  Squares that have been selected for digging will turn green; if they turn red instead, it means that your bunnies can’t reach them.  You will need to dig a tunnel to that location and connect it to the rest of your burrow before your bunnies can dig there.  

Once you’ve selected all of the squares you want your bunnies to clear, tap the green Dig button near the top of the screen.  Your faithful friends will work nonstop until your instructions have been carried out, or until they collapse from exhaustion and fall asleep -- whichever comes first.

If you ever want to fill an area back in and design something different there, select the Dig icon on the game screen, followed by the ‘Fill’ icon in the menu box.  Anywhere you touch underground will now be restored to its original state, until you tap the ‘Done’ button.  Be careful!  If you fill in areas that have pipes, wallpaper, or floorcoverings, these decorations will be destroyed and you will have to replace them if you change your mind!

Tip:  Some bunny species are faster diggers than others, and higher-level bunnies will be able to dig longer without a food break than youngsters, since they can store more energy.  Experiment with different bunnies and put your best diggers on big excavation jobs!