How to decorate the walls and floors

You can decorate the walls in your burrow by following the steps below:

- First, tap the Decoration icon.  This is the square icon on the right side of the game screen with a picture of a carpet, wallpaper and pot on it.

-  Next, tap on ‘Wallpaper,’ which this will bring up a menu of different wallpapers to choose from.

- Tap to highlight the wallpaper you want to use in the menu.  Note that an outline of squares has appeared on all of the wall surfaces in your burrow.  

- Tap any outlined wall surface in your burrow to place a square of your chosen wallpaper there.  Keep going until you’ve covered the area you are decorating.  Try alternating patterns for a funky look!

- Tap the ‘X’ button in the top right corner of the wallpaper menu to close the menu and exit the placement mode.

Follow the same steps to decorate the floors of your burrow, but begin by selecting ‘Floors’ in the Decoration menu, rather than ‘Wallpaper.’   Want to decorate your connecting tunnels as well?  Tap ‘Tunnels’ in the Decoration menu to replace your tunnels with decorative pipes!