How to breed

Breeding bunnies and discovering new species is an art as well as a science.  To begin, you will need to purchase a Dance Floor from McFluffin’s Market and place it in your burrow.  The Dance Floor is where the magic happens; this is where you will combine different bunny species and breed the exotic varieties that will make your underground city a real showpiece.  

Start the process by placing the two bunnies you wish to breed on the Dance Floor.  Note that both bunnies must be at least Level 5 to breed.  When the bunnies are in place, the music menu will appear.  Choose which song you want your bunnies to boogie to -- your choice will actually influence the color and variety of bunny offspring you’ll get.  Try different combinations of bunnies, different dance floor positions, and different music to see the possible baby bunnies that can result.

When everything is in place, tap the Dance button on the music select menu.  The dancing won’t stop until the proud parents have produced a bunny egg, which you can hatch by tapping on it!  

Congratulations on the new addition to your colony.  Don’t forget to give your baby bunny a name!  They don’t really like the names they’re born with. It’s a rabbit thing.