How to plant food items

Growing food such as carrots, green leaf lettuce, radish, and other crops will help your bunnies grow and restore the energy they use helping you build the ultimate underground empire.  To plant crops, start by moving your viewpoint to the surface level of your burrow.  Here you’ll find some one or more garden plots ready to plant.  Tap the little sprout icon above a garden plot to open the Seeds menu.  Scroll right or left in the menu with your finger to find the crops you’d like to grow.  Then touch the seed packet you’d like to use, and drag it down to the empty garden plot to plant the seeds.  Please note that the seeds for most crops will cost you some Gems, with prices displayed on the seed packets.  In general, the higher-cost seeds will give your bunnies more energy and/or cause them to grow faster.   

Different seeds will require different lengths of growing time before they are ready to harvest.  Once planted, your seeds are always growing - even when you’ve exited the game or turned off your device.  But don’t wait too long to check on them -- mature crops that sit too long will eventually spoil!

Once your crop is ready to be harvested, it will glow and you can pick it by tapping on it. Your harvested crops will then appear in your food storage, ready to feed to your hungry bunnies.  Access your food storage by tapping the food icon in the top right corner of the game screen.