[Meta] Applications (RfRs) for custodian now open.

We are looking for more staff members. You may now apply to become a custodian on the TT wiki, here. You must meet the requirements, which are similar to those on the AJ wiki. Custodians are trusted members selected by the community, who have access to Content Moderator rights.


  • At least 3 months of editing (here or on the AJ wiki.)
  • You have never been blocked (joke blocks, unintended blocks and minor blocks don't count)
  • At least 500 mainspace edits (here or on the AJ wiki)
  • Helpful and nice towards other users.
  • Conributed to the wiki at least 5 days in a row (here or on the AJ wiki)
  • At least 350 achievement points (here or on the AJ wiki)

For a RfR to pass, the user must meet the requirements listed above and have 75% of users supporting, with a minimum of 4 votes. RfRs usually stay open for 1 week, but if there are insufficient votes, it will remain open for another week. If there are still insufficient votes after 2 weeks, it is important to know that the RfR will not stay open for a third week. Instead, the results will be as-is when the 2 weeks have passed.