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• 2/3/2017

[CLOSED] Bunnies Page

Howdy o/

So I was looking at the Bunnies page and I noticed that we've separated the bunnies into they're "type" categories. This is nice, however, I think that this table should go into the specific type category and that we should have something like this (see below) on the page instead. I don't think that the "in game description" is necessary on that page for the following reasons; it'll become a really big page and it would probably be better in they're "type" page.

Please give me feedback, all is appreciated. Thx :)

Icons Bunnies Type Price Breedable?
[insert icon(s)] Autumn Bunny [insert Autumn Icon] 5000 Gems Yes
[insert icon(s)] Angler Bunny Ocean Icon 2500 Star Unknown
Bee Bunny Icon Bee Bunny Garden Icon 650 Star Yes
[insert icon(s)] Beetle Bunny Tropical Icon 750 Star Yes
[insert icon(s)] Bunny of Paradise Tropical Icon 4000 Gems Yes
[insert icon(s)] Butterfly Bunny Tropical Icon 400 Star Yes
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• 1/31/2017
The descriptions do take a lot of space. I agree.
• 2/1/2017

Alrighty, ty :)