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Bug Collection (old)

The Bug Collection is a feature in Tunnel Town. To access this element, the user must tap the red bug icon situated on the left sidebar.

When the user views their collection, they will notice that some bugs display a golden rare tag at the bottom left of their picture. This indicates that the bug is less common than the others, and are harder to collect.

There are 32 different types of bugs, 4 of which are rare.

The user may receive prizes after completing goals which are bug-related. These prizes consist of Gems, Stars and/or XP.

Capturing Bugs

Occasionally, the user will see bugs crawling around on the dirt in their burrow. When tapped, the bug will disappear and display a short animation presenting puffs of dust. The bug will then be added to the user's bug collection.


Bug goals include capturing a certain number of bugs.

  • Goal to collect 250 bugs (more info needed)
  • Goal to collect 1000 bugs (more info needed)
  • Goal to collect 100 rare bugs (more info needed)
  • Goal to collect 250 rare bugs (more info needed)
  • Goal to collect 1000 rare bugs (more info needed)
  • Goals to collect ? bugs of a specific type (more info needed)
  • Plonk in the name of the goal here (name only, nothing else - other info will be on the goals page)


  • The bugs are punned on gems. Examples are Sugi (sugilite), Pyro (pyrope), Sapphi (sapphire), Mala (malachite), Tanza (tanzanite), Sodano (sodalite), Tourma (tourmaline), Lazu (lazuli), Bery (beryl), and Jas (jasper).
  • Fancy info goes here.


  • Aga
  • Amazo
  • Apati
  • Bery
  • Bopa (Rare)
  • Diop
  • Emmy
  • Garna
  • Jas
  • Lazu
  • Lazuna
  • Lina
  • Loli (Rare)
  • Mala
  • Obi
  • Ony
  • Poody
  • Pyro
  • Rhodo (Rare)
  • Rudi
  • Sapphi
  • Smoky
  • Sodano
  • Sphy
  • Spini
  • Sugi
  • Sunny
  • Tanza
  • Tourma
  • Turk (Rare)
  • Zirc
  • Zirdo
Name Rare? Picture
Aga No Aga
Amazo No Amazo
Apati No Apati
Bery No Bery
Bopa Yes Bopa
Diop No Diop
Emmy No Emmy
Garna No Garna
Jas No Jas
Lazu No Lazu
Lazuna No Lazuna
Lina No Lina
Loli Yes Loli
Mala No Mala
Obi No Obi
Ony No Ony
Poody No Poody
Pyro No Pyro
Rhodo Yes Rhodo
Rudi No Rudi
Sapphi No Sapphi
Smoky No Smoky
Sodano No Sodano
Sphy No Sphy
Spini No Spini
Sugi No Sugi
Sunny No Sunny
Tanza No Tanza
Tourma No Tourma
Turk Yes Turk
Zirc No Zirc
Zirdo No Zirdo


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