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Decorations is a feature in Tunnel Town. To access this element, the user must tap the rug, wallpaper, and pot icon situated on the right sidebar (e.g. if you wanted to access and place your fireplace, tap Furniture and then find Fireplace and drag to where you'd like to place it). Decoration is a feature that allows players to add furniture, wallpaper, floors, and tunnels to their burrows.


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  • Tunnel Maker - Dig 125 squares
  • City Planner - Dig 700 Squares
    • 1,000 Xp
    • 3 Star
  • Wall to Wall - Place Some Carpet in Your Den
    • 1,000 Xp
    • 3 Star
  • Master Plumber - Place 200 Pipes
    • 1,000 Xp
    • 3 Star


  • If there is a red X where you're trying to place furniture, it is not allowed to be placed there.
  • The Pipes category used to be called Tunnels.
  • Though it's called Floors in the Decorations tab, it's usually called Flooring, another alternative is Carpet.


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