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Experience, commonly abbreviated to XP or EXP, is a leveling mechanic in Tunnel Town. There are two different types of experience:

  • Player Experience
  • Bunny Experience

The former relates to the progression of the user account towards higher levels; the latter is similar, but relating to each bunny on an individual basis.

Gaining Experience

Player Experience

Player experience can be gained in the following ways:

XP gained will contribute to filling the bar located in the top left of the UI; once this bar is full, the user will level up, and a message indicating newly unlocked items will be displayed. Leveling up will grant 3 Star .

Bunny Experience

Bunny's can gain experience in the following way:

  • Eating Food

Once a bunny's experience bar is full, a small animation consisting of a number of stars circling the bunny in question will play. Leveling up will increase the limit of energy your bunny is able to have and it will also bring up their energy to the maximum.

Level Unlocks

These are what things every level unlock in the game. Even if you haven't unlocked a certain bunny, you can still breed it and you will still be able to hatch one.

Level 2

  • 1 Star

Level 3

  • 2 Stars

Level 4

  • 3 Stars
  • 2 More Garden Plots
  • 2 More Active Bunnies
  • Leopard Bunny
  • Prairie Bunny
  • Mountain Bunny
  • Snail Bunny
  • Moon Bunny
  • Seafoam Bunny
  • Bunny of Paradise
  • Bean Bag Furniture
  • Standard Bed Furniture
  • Arm Chair Furniture
  • Sectional Furniture
  • Sofa Furniture
  • Standard Dresser Furniture
  • Night Stand Furniture
  • End Table Furniture
  • Work Table Furniture
  • Purple Carrots Food
  • Radish Food
  • Green Floor
  • Red Brick Wallpaper
  • Fill
  • Concrete Floor
  • Black Floor
  • Blue Floor
  • Orange Floor
  • Pink Floor
  • Purple Floor
  • Red Floor
  • Tan Floor
  • White Floor
  • Yellow Floor
  • Barrel Pipe
  • Black Wallpaper
  • Blue Wallpaper
  • Green Wallpaper
  • Orange Wallpaper
  • Pink Wallpaper
  • Purple Wallpaper
  • Red Wallpaper
  • Tan Wallpaper
  • White Wallpaper
  • Yellow Wallpaper
  • Pink Stripes Wallpaper

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