Furniture are items that can be placed in your burrow. Furniture is categorized into 3 different groups:

  • Energy Replenishment
  • Decorational
  • Breeding

All 3 can be bought at McFluffin's Market.

Energy Replenishment

Energy replenishment

Bunnies resting

Furniture like Beds, Bean Bags, and Arm Chairs regenerate the energy of your bunnies. You can drag your bunnies to these items whenever they are tired and soon enough, they will be energized and will be able to mine or dig again. Furniture that can regenerate energy are not the only things that can regenerate energy, food can also help.
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Decorational furniture are furniture that can or cannot be interacted with, even if they can be interacted with it usually does nothing, they are for decoration. Furniture like Sunflowers are decorational, they may waste your money but they help improve the look of your burrow.



The only breeding furniture is the Dance Floor. Like the category name suggests, furniture like these are used to breed your bunnies.

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