Sapphire Mining Spot

Gems are the primary currency in Tunnel Town, with a subsidiary currency of Stars. They are also currency in the popular game, Animal Jam. In Tunnel Town, you can obtain gems by placing bunnies on mines to work. You can also purchase gems in-game using real money.


Gems are represented as colorful coin-like discs on the icon showing the total amount the player possesses - when collecting them from mining, they appear in the color of the mineral deposit being mined.


Mining uses the bunny's energy. The available mines are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.

The bunnies mine gems at varying rates. They mine gems at 14 rates of speed, with the Luck Bunny mining the fastest. The top 5 fastest bunnies are the Miner, Chameleon, Toucan, Fjord, and Squid.

The groups are (slowest to fastest):

  • Group 1: Albino, Angler, Dust, Prairie, Seafoam
  • Group 2: Mountain, Sun
  • Group 3: Beetle, Bunny of Paradise, Chinchilly, Moon, Narwhal, Leopard
  • Group 4: Cactus, Snowflake, Zebra
  • Group 5: Goat, Snail
  • Group 6: Butterfly, Jackalope, Roadrunner, Shark, Walrus
  • Group 7: Frog, Mouse
  • Group 8: Wildflower
  • Group 9: Lion, Wildebeest
  • Group 10: Turtle
  • Group 11: Fjord, Squid
  • Group 12: Chameleon, Toucan
  • Group 13: Miner
  • Group 14: Luck

Mining Spots

The gem mining spots are: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond.

Icon Name Depth Working Bunnies [1] Cap Limit [2] Spot(s) [3]
Sapphire Icon Sapphire Sapphires are at the top layer you acquire by default. 1 500 Gems 2
G Emerald Emeralds are on the second and third layer you acquire at levels 5 and 10. 2 2,500 Gems 2
Ruby Icon Ruby Rubies are found on the fourth layer you acquire at level 15. 3 5,000 Gems 1
Diamond Diamond Diamonds are at the very bottom layer you acquire at level 20. 3 10,000 Gems 1


  1. Working Bunnies: A reference as to how many bunnies are able to work on the mine.
  2. Cap Limit: The gem limit which requires attendance to mine more gems. You can continue mining by collecting the gems.
  3. Spots: The number of mining spots in a user's burrow.


  • Mining is faster on spots with lower cap limits.
  • After the bunnies reach the limited capacity of mining gems, they will read newspapers or magazines.
  • Occasionally, the mines will display colored sparkles.


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