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As with most on-line games, there is the occasionally glitch. This page is for any glitch you may have found and any solutions that may work to fix the glitch. Please share with all bunny herders!

Sleeping Bunny Glitch

Sometimes when a bunny is placed on a bed, their eyes will stay open instead of closed. This can easily be fixed by taking the bunny off the bed, and putting it back on.

Duplicate Bunny Glitch

Sometimes, when scrolling through the My Bunnies tab, you'll find that you have 2 of the exact same bunny. They'll have the same name, color, and everything. You'll be able to take both of them out at the same time, and it's pretty nice to see. This "cloning" glitch does not last permanently, unfortunately, as when you exit out of the game and come back, the clone will no longer exist.

Warning: If you put the 2 clones on the dance floor, whether they're breeding together or not, when you exit out of the game and go back in, both the clone and the original bunny will be gone. If this glitch happens to you, I wouldn't recommend trying this out with your hard-to-breed types!

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