Narwhal Bunny

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The Narwhal Bunny is an Arctic Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It is available for purchase from McFluffin's Market for 2,250 Star.png. It can be obtained from level 15 and up.


You might suppose that the Narwhal Rabbit evolved its distinctive horn as a means of protecting itself, right? However if you press gently on the tip of the thing you'll find it telescopes into itself like a radio antenna. The poor Narwhal Rabbit couldn't stab a gumdrop with it. You have to wonder why nature even bothered evolving a collapsible horn. Would a solid, stabby horn really have been that much more work?In-game manual


This bunny comes in 2 variants. They have unique chalky-colored narwhal horns projecting from their heads, and a distinctive blotchy pattern. One variant is mostly lighter blue, while the other is darker.

Breeding Guide

Breeding time: This bunny takes 1 day and 4 hours to breed.


  • While the Narwhal Bunny is said to have a horn, suggested from its in-game description, real narwhals don't have horns. Instead, they have specialized tusks that protrude from the head, making it look very similar to a horn.
  • If you look closely, the Narwhal Bunny's horn is actually protruding from the right side of the head. This may or may not have been intentional, because in real narwhals, the tusk always protrudes from the left side of the head.
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