Peck is a bunny who originated from Animal Jam. She is one of the Alphas and is the most important character in Tunnel Town.


She is a plum-purple, pale pink and fuchsia colored rabbit with patches on the tips of her ears. She has dark lilac ribbons tied to her tail and left ear. She also has a creamy-yellow colored bell connected to her right ear, neon purple hair that is styled in sideswept bangs, pale pink nose, magenta eyes and dark lilac bands around her feet and arms. She has white paw-pads, darker eye-shadow with white dots on top and white ear-insides.


  • Like Animal Jam, Peck appears at the start of the game, to explain the game mechanics to the player.
  • Peck used to appear on the Tunnel Town home screen logo. However, she still appears on the Tunnel Town loading screen logo.
  • Peck appears to be your friend on your "friends" list, but she is not an actual player.
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