The Santa Bunny is a Midwinter Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It was formerly available for purchase from McFluffin's Market for 375 Star . It can be obtained from level 22 and up.


Oh, you didn't know that the real, historical Kris Kringle was a rabbit? And a tropical rabbit, at that? History seems to have forgotten this fact, which is why you'll probably find your Kris Kringle always on your computer, editing and re-editing his Wikipedia entry.
~ In-Game Manual
Generous to a fault in every way but one, Santa Bunnies will only dance with other Santa Bunnies. The loss of genetic diversity in the species that occurs as a result is called "implex," in case you were wondering.
~ In-Game Manual


This bunny comes in 2 variants. The first one is all red with a santa hat and a red beard, closely resembling the Hat And Beard item from Animal Jam. The second variant has a red Christmas-themed crown with a mistletoe on the edge of it. Both bunnies have a white stripe that goes across their bodies.

Breeding Guide

Breeding Time: This bunny takes 1 day and 59 minutes to breed.

  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Candy Sripe Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Elf Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Frosty Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Paradise Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Frog Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Butterfly Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Toucan Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Beetle Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Chameleon Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Cupid Bunny
  • Candy Stripe Bunny + Luck Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Elf Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Frosty Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Paradise Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Frog Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Butterfly Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Toucan Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Beetle Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Chameleon Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Cupid Bunny
  • Elf Bunny + Luck Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Frosty Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Paradise Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Frog Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Butterfly Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Toucan Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Beetle Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Chameleon Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Cupid Bunny
  • Frosty Bunny + Luck Bunny
  • Any Midwinter type + Any Midwinter type
  • Any Midwinter type + Any Tropical type


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  • The Seasonal: Midwinter description for the Santa Bunny is unique, in that it is different from the rest of the Midwinter varieties.


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