Seafoam Bunny

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The Seafoam Bunny is an Ocean Bunny that comes in 2 variants. It is available for purchase from McFluffin's Market for 3,000 Gems.png. It can be obtained from level 4 and up.


Everybody knows that the Seafoam is the lightest of the many rabbit breeds, with adult males typically weighing in at around 1.5 potato chips. But did you know that they also are the worst at managing their finances? It's true -- four out of every ten Seafoam Rabbits have declared bankruptcy at least once.In-Game Manual


This bunny comes in 2 variants. The first one is bright green, while the second is a light blue. They are notable for their short, floppy ears.

Breeding Guide

Breeding Time: This bunny takes 4 hours to breed.


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