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Migrating bunnies are tricky to breed, since they only seem to show up at certain times of the year. Try different combinations of Tropical and Ocean varieties to get a Candy Bunny. If there's one thing that Elf, Santa, and Frosty bunnies have in common, it's Candy.
~ In-Game Manual
Generous to a fault in every way but one, Santa Bunnies will only dance with other Santa Bunnies. The loss of genetic diversity in the species that occurs as a result is called "implex," in case you were wondering.
~ In-Game Manual

Midwinter Bunnies

There are 4 bunnies in this category:


  • All bunnies in this group come out during December, just in time for the Jamaalidays.
  • The Seasonal: Midwinter description for the Santa Bunny is different from the Candy Stripe, Elf and Frosty Bunnies, all of which are the same.


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