When you open tunnel town for the first time, a small tab will appear, asking for you to enter a username, this cannot be changed later though you can always make a new player with a different name.

Tunnel Town

Tunnel Town

Intro, prologue, whatever you want to call it

After choosing a name, you’ll see an animated intro that takes place in an outdoor restaurant. It is possible to skip the intro, all you have to do is tap.

When the intro is over or you have skipped through it, the camera of the game will be set to look at the surface of the game, which is up from the burrow.

Start of Intro


Dust Bunny from the beginning of the game

A portal will form and a Dust Bunny will fall out of the portal. The portal will disappear after that. Then, a tab appears over your screen, it's supposed to resemble Peck, one of the Alphas, talking to you. She will say the following things:

WOW! I can't believe you guys fell for that! That's the oldest Phantom trick in the book! Ha ha! ...ok, I fell for it once too.

Anyway, I'm Peck, and I've been fighting those Phantoms for years! What's your name?

~ Peck

When she asks you for your name, she is asking you to change the name of the Dust Bunny. You can change it to anything you want as long as it isn't too long.


This is basically the digging page but with Peck in it so you don't have to read this part if you don't want to.

Nice name. Well, welcome to... whatever this is. I don't know where the Phantoms zapped you off to, but I'll help you as much as I can. You're a long way away from home, though. You're going to have to learn some good old fashioned rabbiting skills! First things first--you need to get your paws dirty and learn how to dig. You'll need a place to live, so let's start with a basic burrow.
~ Peck

The game will tell you to tap the shovel button. This will let you dig.

Now, you will tap the squares where you want to dig, then press DIG. Nothing to it. Here, I've marked out an area to get you started.
~ Peck

When you tap all the squares, a tab will slide from the top and it will have the buttons DIG and CANCEL on it. You can't press CANCEL, of course, and you can't dig until all the squares are green. Pressing the DIG button will make your bunny go to the swears you have tapped on and start digging. After a while, the bunny will become tired and stop digging.

Looks like you're all tuckered out! Not used to manual labor, huh? You just need some food to get your strength back. Out here you're going to have to grow your own food. I'll start you out with some seeds
~ Peck

A seeds menu will appear when you tap on the seed icon and the game will ask you to drag a carrot icon, which is a carrot seed packet, to the plot.

These carrots will grow fast and give you plenty of energy!
~ Peck

The game will want you to speed the process up but if you want to keep your stars, you can wait it out. The game will want you to tap on the carrots when they're finished growing and then feed the carrots to your bunny. This will make your bunny regain a convenient amount of energy back and your bunny will continue digging. When you're done digging, you will level up to level 2 which only gives you 1 Star .

Not bad! The more you eat and grow, the easier it gets. Pretty soon you'll have your own underground city! Hey you found a Gem Dig! Your day started out pretty weird, but things are definitely looking up!
~ Peck

You will have to drag your bunny to the Gems and it will make your bunny start mining. When a Gem pops out of the crystal Peck will say:

Woo hoo! Check it out! You're mining Gems!
~ Peck

You then have to collect the Gems, but if you wait it out you'll collect more than just 1 gem.

Keep up the good work. I'll be right back... I think you might have a visitor.
~ Peck

The portal reappears and then another bunny, the Sun Bunny, will pop out of it.

Another one! Well, I'm not explaining everything all over again!
~ Peck

The Sun Bunny will enter the burrow and when they do that, Peck will say:

Isn't it romantic? Two fearless adventurers in a strange new world, a fresh-dug burrow, a big pile of money... Still, something is missing. Like more rooms. Maybe some furniture. And look at all this DIRT! This place has potential, but it needs some work! I'm going to give you some goals to get you started.
~ Peck



A tab called "MY GOALS" will appear when you tap on the board. The first mission is called: "Carrot Top". The goal is to pick 2 carrots and it will reward you 50 XP and 750 Gems .

Your first Goal is to grow some more carrots. You look hungry!
~ Peck
It's basically the planting carrots part in the beginning but repeating it two more times.
Level 3

When this mission is done, you will level up to level 3 which gives you 2 stars.

All right! Let's go SHOPPING!!
~ Peck

It will zoom in onto McFluffin's Market And you will have to tap on the store and then the Furniture button. The only option will be a Dance Floor.

You can use gems or stars to get new bunnies at the market, or you can make them the old fashioned way: on the dance floor!
~ Peck

The game will make you buy it for 500 gems. You then will take out the Dance Floor from the furniture section of your items and drag the Dance Floor into the burrow.

Now it's a PARTY! Well, almost. I have a new Goal for you that should get things moving...
~ Peck

You have to tap the board for the goals again and this time it will be the "Dancin' Machine" goal. This one will require you to place 2 bunnies on the Dance Floor and will give you 100 XP and 100 Gems for completing it.

It's time to hit the dance floor and start breeding more bunnies! Hold your finger on the bunnies to lift them up, then set them on the dance floor.
~ Peck

And you will have to place your bunnies on the dance floor doing just that.

Now pick the music and start the party!
~ Peck

You have to choices, the button with the rainbow icon or the disco icon. Each button will give you a different bunny, dependent on whether the bunny on the Possible Babies section comes in two variables or not. The default option is the one with the rainbow icon. Breeding will cost 100 gems. The possible rabbits that aren't the Sun Bunny or Dust Bunny are the Cactus Bunny and the Turtle Bunny.

This is groovy and all, but can't we speed things up a bit?
~ Peck

Then, it will make you speed up the breeding, unless you have time to wait out 3 hours.

Cactus Bunny

Voila, an egg! Let's see what you got!
~ Peck

You will have to hatch the egg, hatching is pretty simple, all you have to do is tap on the egg until it cracks. This causes you to complete a goal which you didn't have a chance to see in the goals tab: "Bundle of Joy". It gives you 100 Gems and 150 XP.

Aw, how cute! A baby Cactus Bunny! I'll understand if you want to name it after me. I'm giving you the perfect gift for a newborn - a trampoline!
~ Peck
Mini trampoline

A tab will appear which is labelled "New Gift!". Inside the rectangle will be a mini trampoline.

Oops, I guess you don't have anywhere to put a trampoline, do you? Sounds like it's time for another Goal!
~ Peck

You're given a mission "Room to Bounce" and it asks you to make room for your trampoline, basically it wants you to dig up some space and in reward it will give you 100 XP and 50 Gems .

There's more to life than just dancing, you know. There's also jumping! Let's dig out a new room for your trampoline.
~ Peck

And, well, you do exactly that.

Let's put the trampoline room here for now, if you want, you can fill in this area later, or change the shape of the room however you'd like.
~ Peck

When you're done digging, Peck will say:

Perfect size! Let's drag the trampoline in there, and I'll show you something really cool!
~ Peck

Yet again, another goal that you haven't gotten a chance to see in the goals tab gets finished. This time, it's the "My First Trampoline" goal which gives you 50 Gems and 50 XP.

Now here's the cool part: pick up one of your bunnies and place it on the trampoline.
~ Peck

And then again, there's another goal that gets done. It's the "Jump" goal that gives you the same amount as the last one.

Yay! You'll find lots of fun stuff for you bunnies to play with at McFluffin's Market.
~ Peck

Level 4

You then level up to level 4 which is the level where most basic things get unlocked at. Here's a list:

  • 3 Stars
  • 2 More Garden Plots
  • 2 More Active Bunnies
  • Leopard Bunny
  • Prairie Bunny
  • Mountain Bunny
  • Snail Bunny
  • Moon Bunny
  • Seafoam Bunny
  • Bunny of Paradise
  • Bean Bag Furniture
  • Standard Bed Furniture
  • Arm Chair Furniture
  • Sectional Furniture
  • Sofa Furniture
  • Standard Dresser Furniture
  • Night Stand Furniture
  • End Table Furniture
  • Work Table Furniture
  • Purple Carrots Food
  • Radish Food
  • Green Floor
  • Red Brick Wallpaper
  • Fill
  • Concrete Floor
  • Black Floor
  • Blue Floor
  • Orange Floor
  • Pink Floor
  • Purple Floor
  • Red Floor
  • Tan Floor
  • White Floor
  • Yellow Floor
  • Barrel Pipe
  • Black Wallpaper
  • Blue Wallpaper
  • Green Wallpaper
  • Orange Wallpaper
  • Pink Wallpaper
  • Purple Wallpaper
  • Red Wallpaper
  • Tan Wallpaper
  • White Wallpaper
  • Yellow Wallpaper
  • Pink Stripes Wallpaper

End of the Intro

Well, I think you have the hang of things, I'll leave you with a few more goals to help you turn this hole in the ground into a palace!
~ Peck

After that, Peck leaves you alone and you have to play the rest by yourself.
She will still give you goals to do.

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