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- Wondering what you can get by breeding? Look here!

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- A complete list of all the furniture in Tunnel Town.

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Free from the creators of Animal Jam, Tunnel Town is a hopping 3D hit game sensation that lets you create an underground wonderland for bunnies!

Help the bunnies of Jamaa build a secret underground empire! Feed baby bunnies and watch them grow. Plan out and dig tunnels and chambers. Then, customize them with toys, furniture, wallpaper, and more! Hit the dance floor with different bunny combinations to breed amazing bunnies. Visit other burrows through Game Center, and show off your own burrow. Interact and play with your bunnies. Tunnel Town is as deep as your imagination! Make sure you keep trying to get those seasonal bunnies!

Tunnel Town is a three-dimensional mobile game developed by WildWorks and National Geographic, the developers of the online game Animal Jam. It is a spin-off of Animal Jam and it features the bunnies from Animal Jam.


TT jag
  • Curious bunnies you can pick up and play with!
  • Amazing high resolution 3D graphics and animation!
  • Infinite possibilities: design your own underground world!
  • Millions of items for your burrowers to interact with!
  • Game Center link to connect with friends!
  • Gardens to grow and treasure to discover!
  • Make baby bunnies the old-fashioned way: on the dance floor!
  • Scads of bunny types you've probably never seen. Can you breed the elusive Butterfly Bunny?
  • Tunnel Town is completely FREE to download and play, but you can also purchase Gems and Stars for real money through the in-game shop.
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TT is a game made by the AJ creators.

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Learn how to use your garden!

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Learn how to dig!

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Make Friends

Introduce yourself and make friends!

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Make Friends

Get Tunnel Town for free!
App store

Tunnel Town is a free to play game. Although it includes in-app purchases, the game itself is free to play, in general. You can install the app by following the links below.

  • Get it on the App Store (iOS 7.0 or later required) here!
  • Get it on Google Play (Android 4.0 or later required) here!
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